100+ top tier internship connections

50 Furman Alumni Mentors

8 weeks of networking, community and financial support

5 boroughs 

1 UNFORGETTABLE experience in new york city

how does it work?

FMF provides support in finding a summer internship, facilitates career development opportunities, and provides financial assistance to make it all happen.


The FMF program offers assistance throughout an internship experience during the summer before your Senior year. FMF is a major agnostic grant: so we encourage you to apply to any internship based on your interests, and curricular studies.

The Board of Directors, alongside the NYC alumni community, will assist throughout the internship interview and procurement  process.


We want you to immerse yourself in the local community of the city and continue to learn, explore and develop your network.

A community of mentors will be available to meet with you regularly, help you develop your professional and social networks, and provide guidance throughout your New York summer experience.


We get it - New York City is expensive, and your experience shouldn't be stifled by the high cost of living.  

FMF provides a generous stipend that may be used to cover the full cost of housing, travel, and living expenses during your  summer internship.

What are we looking for?

FMF is seeking dynamic, engaged students with a global perspective.

We are major agnostic. We are looking for candidates who have a desire to work in a large city upon graduation. Those with a vocational curiosity and an eagerness to learn.

We want to talk to students with a global mindset who foster an appreciation for other cultures and perspectives. Students with an intensity and passion in their area of interest.

 how does the application process work?

we want to get to know you.

Your GPA and major don't define you. We'll ask you a series of questions to learn about your academic, professional and personal backgrounds and interests. We'll also want to take a look at your resume. 

If you are selected as a final candidate, you'll have the opportunity to set up an in-person, on campus interview with the FMF Board of Directors and Alumni supporters.